TweetCaster App Review

I opened up the TweetCaster app on my phone today after reading a few positive reviews of it last week.

Here are my initial highlights and reactions to the free version:

  1. Effortless news customization. If you are the type of person (like me) that is fascinated by watching minute by minute news unfold on Twitter, you should give TweetCaster a whirl. The best thing about it is the option to change between locations to monitor differences in local versus national vs. international news and trends ,all in real time.
  2. SmartLists. This feature is particularly helpful if you use one handle to follow a range of topics (i.e. professional interests and personal hobbies) that are often unrelated.
  3. It’s pretty intuitive. When it comes to reviewing apps for user experience and design, I would put myself in with the more critical. The mobile version is quite easy to get the hang of toggling between the bottom bar menu options. The web version is still in beta as of right now.
  4. The Bookmarks feature seems like it could be helpful in adding tweets as bookmarks (instead of favoriting every interesting tweet, only to forget it later). However, I can’t figure out how to “add a bookmark” and this seems to be a common complaint on the feedback page for the app.
  5. Unlike Twitter, most recent tweets self populate. So, no drag down screen-swipe to move on to the latest news. Some may find this convenient, but I find it pretty distracting. The human brain can only effectively process so much by the second.
  6. ZipIt is a feature I could live without. Given the amount of people and topics that most users follow, the speed of the Twitterverse makes it easy to ignore any trend, hashtag, or person that’s not applicable to building knowledge. Though I suppose this feature could help if you wanted to hide a person or organization’s feed without unfollowing them completely.

Overall, with a few tweaks, the TweetCaster app could be outstanding. As it stands now, it’s still an enhanced version of the original Twitter, and I’m currently using it as my main Twitter app.


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