Fast Food Branding for Millennials


This article caught my attention because unlike most fast food marketing and branding literature, it touches on aspects that I feel are well connected to their current targeted Millennial market. Embracing important causes and fixing the menu’s nutritional elements are two facets that I believe are of particular importance. A quick glance at the McDonald’s homepage reinforces the company’s stated communications plan with an emphasis on items like their Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie.

However, as a Millennial consumer, it will take some adjusting to accept the company’s new “values”. Contrary to what author Bruce Horovitz states in the article, I don’t believe that our generation’s habits (or any group’s habits, for that matter) are all that tricky to understand. Certainly not if companies like Chipotle and Panera have managed to make a profit at higher price points with this same group of consumers. Though it sounds like they are on the right track, it’s a little (okay, A LOT) late for the burger giant to be jumping on the health food bandwagon. I’ll stick to Chipotle for now.