What Most Schools Should Teach (TechCrunch)

This is a fantastic initiative coupled with a compelling video. So much so that now I’M inspired to learn how to code.


Millennial Minds: Bridging Generational Differences

Much attention has been paid and research completed regarding the study of generational differences and bridging the age gap in the professional world. Much of the focus is on the disparities and defining groups-their qualities, their cultures, the challenges of working with each. There are even discrepancies around when each generation begins and ends.

As a Millennial, I feel that this draws distinct lines between what one group has that the other lacks. Being that each new generation is taught by the ones that preceded it, I see today’s young professionals as an intersection of the knowledge that our parents’ and grandparents’ generations have passed down.

In the spirit of a new model, I have created this blog as a space for collaboration, a place to come together to collectively achieve a better understanding of our blended values. While I hope to feature perspectives from all generations, my aim is to predominantly focus on Millennials (Generation Y) in business, as ours is the group currently redefining the rules for technology, information and innovation.

I look forward to learning from you as I hope that this blog will spark new conversations and connections.